Nathan Loyd Ndungu takes down Cyprian Nyakundi Legally!!

Nathan Loyd Ndungu and his family have suffered exceedingly due to the tarnishing of his name, along with his company Avoveg Health Ltd. His name was plastered on cheap blogs who produced careless and unverified allegations.

However, Cyprian Nyakundi has been on the front line of deteriorating Mr. Nathan’s name.   Nathan Loyd Ndungu claims that his fast-growing business was really affected and he lost out on major investments due to this case.

Nathan Loyd Ndungu in his words says that during this period, when his name was dragged under the mud, he fully focused on growing his business, and let God do the rest. Being a family man, all that he ever wanted was to change people’s lives.

Clearing Nathan Loyd Ndungu’s name in Cyprian Nyakundi’s blog

  1. According to Cyprian Nyakundi’s blog, on this link, the controversial blogger states that Nathan Loyd Ndungu and his wife were charged with conspiracy to defraud Ezetel Kenya Ltd, of Kshs. 18.5M by false pretense.

-The blog states that the couple posed as if they were in a position to partner with Ezetel Ltd, in the financing of an avocado export deal.

-To clear, Mr. Nathan Loyd Ndungu’s name, he is indeed the Chairman and owner and CEO of Avoveg, a fresh export produce Company.

Therefore, the allegations that Nathan Loyd Ndungu pretended to be in a position to partner with Ezetel Ltd are baseless. This case against Mr. Nathan Loyd Ndungu by Ezetel Ltd. has been officially withdrawn by the Milimani Law Courts.

2. Cyprian Nyakundi who is a clout chaser, once again published an article on his blog, stating that Nathan Loyd Ndungu who is on Interpol’s most wanted list, had put a project on Lendahand crowdfunding site, to fraud potential investors. He continues to claim that Mr. Nathan Loyd Ndungu is a fugitive whose name is associated with Rwandan Genocide Suspects back in the 2014 Rwandan Extradition list.

-Mr. Nathan Loyd Ndungu is an upright businessman, who learnt the ropes of the fresh export business from his father, and went on to build a sustainable fresh export produce company with the flagship product being avocados.

Mr. Nathan Loyd Ndungu who runs a legit business is not on any Interpol list and is not associated with the Rwandan Genocide as the blog claims.

Moreover, Mr. Nathan Loyd did not put any project on the Lendahand website, as the article claims. Even the link that the blog provides is non-existent.

The malicious claims by the controversial blogger, whose aim is to gain clicks on his blog, have brought severe damage to Nathan Loyd Ndungu’s fresh export business.

Cyprian Nyakundi ordered to bring down defamatory statements on Nathan Loyd Ndungu

Following the malicious blog post that Cyprian Nyakundi published on his blog, and facebook page stating, “[ALERT]Kenya on Interpol’s most wanted list puts up his business for funding on Europe’s social impact investing platform”,Mr. Nathan Loyd Ndungu filed a (Civilsuit No. 199 0f 2019) case in the High court against Cyprian Nyakundi.

With this post on Cyprian Nyakundi’s blog, Mr. Nathan Loyd Ndungu’s name was brutally stained, and the damage to his company Avoveg Health was simply irreversible.

Cyprian Nyakundi was ordered by the High Court to remove the blog post from his blog whose only intent was to to defame Mr. Nathan Loyd Ndungu.

Ezetel Kenya Ltd fraud charges against Nathan Loyd Ndungu withdrawn

On the 15th of February, 2021, The Milimani Law Courts, withdrew Mr. Nathan Loyd Ndungu’s case under section 87(A) CPC discharging the accused.

This was after the accused wrote to the DPP, seeking a review of the case, after which the DPP wrote a letter dated 8th February, 2021, giving instructions to withdraw the case.

This was the only case that the estranged businessman has ever been charged with, but not according to Cyprian Nyakundi’s blog.Therefore, Mr. Nathan Loyd Ndungu is currently not facing any fraud charges against Ezetel Kenya Ltd.

All that is left is to clear his name in the public domain where his reputation has really suffered.


The success of Avoveg Health Ltd, threw Mr. Nathan Loyd Ndungu in the limelight, as an established businessman in the Fresh export industry. Not so many people were happy with this achievement and they set out to tarnish Nathan Loyd Ndungu’s name.

The last two years has seen Nathan Loyd Ndungu’s name smeared on blogs, full of blatant lies and defamatory statements. Blogs tend to have a large following and his reputation in the public domain was completely ruined.

Nevertheless, Nathan Loyd Ndungu is determined to fight all these vindictive claims and allegations to reclaim his integrity.

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